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2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee
2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee

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20 hobbies and interests to try to make you feel good and help you get through winter lockdown 2020 during COVID-19

So, your normal activities are on hold and many places are still closed or limited. Some of us have held off taking up a new hobby or interest as we didn’t think it would last this long. Don’t worry, it’s not too late and with the nights drawing in, there’s no better way to spend the evening than learning a new skill or hobby. You don’t want to be stuck in front of the TV all evening after working from home all day. Let’ get productive and creative, it’ll make you feel better. Experts say that having something to put energy into gives you a sense of accomplishment, helps relieve stress and is good for the brain. With that in mind, here at All Steps First Dance, we have come up with 20 way of helping you do just that.

1. Write real life letters and cards to family and friends and maybe some thank-you notes to people who went out of their way for you.

2. Take online couple’s dance classes with your partner. Always wanted to learn to dance but didn’t have the time? Now’s your chance with All Steps First Dance.

3. Start a journal or blog. Sure, it can be about the coronavirus, but it could also be about a specific interest you have.

4. Watch the films that won Oscars for best picture.

5. Stretch and work on your flexibility. Try our fitness classes online available to book through the All Steps website.

6. Try on a new shade of lipstick. See how long it takes your partner to notice it.

7. Meditate. Try lying down with your eyes closed, palms up and while focusing on your breath. Or spend 20 minutes sitting cross-legged and repeat a soothing word to yourself in your head. Try our meditation classes online available to book through the All Steps website.

8. Work on your financial planning, such as exploring whether to consolidate loans or ways to save more money.

9. Write a book with your family. Pick a character and each member writes a chapter about their adventures. Read aloud to each other.

10. Alternate reading the Harry Potter series and cap each one off with the movie.

11. Go viral in the good way by making a quarantine-themed TikTok.

12. Pamper yourself with face masks, moisturiser, serums or even a 10-step skin care routine you don’t have time for during a normal work week.

13. Try on all your clothes and determine whether they “spark joy and take the rest to charity or sell them.

14. Cod therapy to boost mental health and immunity. Take a cold shower or even better, a dip in the sea and revitalise your body. Check out for open water coaching.

15. Purchase a foam roller and treat yourself to a DIY sports massage to get rid of aches and pains.

16. Make lists of all the museums, sporting events and concerts you want to visit when they finally reopen.

17. Rearrange your furniture to make it seem like your home is a totally different space.

18. Apply for a new job. You have more technology and remote work experience now.

19. Make a list of things for which you are grateful.

20. Have a zoom dance party with your friends! Learn a dance routine and have a laugh with your friends with All Steps First Dance.

There’s no excuse now, there’s plenty of ideas to choose from. The main thing though is to spend time with your family and stay safe.