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2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee
2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee

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Available Nationwide!

Hen Party Dance Lessons

Our Hen Party Dance Lessons are so much fun; you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life! You can choose from 1.5 or 2 hour lessons from only £11 pp! We can come to our accommodation or we can assist you in hiring a reasonably priced studio in your chosen location with from our reliable list of studio and hall contacts. We will also make sure to take lots of photos and videos for you so you will have something to look back on!

What to expect and what’s included

  • Experienced dance teacher who have worked professionally in the industry
  • A warm up to a song of your choice
  • A dance routine to a song of your choice, building up the moves gradually , no experience needed!
  • Group photo and video (on your phones so you have something to look back on)
  • Centre stage move’ for the hen (if they want!)

Step 1: Choose your Hen Party Dance Lesson Theme:

Greatest Showman, MTV, Burlesque, Bollywood, Moulin Rouge, Cheerleading, Take That, Saturday Night Fever, Bhangra, Break Dance, Musical Theatre, Salsa, Ballroom & Latin, Ballet, Spice Girls, Little Mix, Irish, Pole dancing, Fame, Chicago, Lion King, Grease, Disney, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Grease, Glee, Dirty Dancing, Abba, Zumba, Hip Hop, Street Dance, Freestyle, Disco, Contemporary, Jazz, Lindyhop, Charleston, Belly Dance, Hula Hooping or choose your very own!

Scroll down for details on our popular themes!

Step 2: Choose your package (current special offer- the Bride goes free!):

Hen Party Dance Lessons

Hen Party Prices at Your Location:

90 minutes

Up to 12 hens  £180

Up to 24 hens  £240

Up to 35 hens  £290

2 hrs: 

Up to 12 hens  £220

Up to 24 hens  £310

Up to 35 hens  £380 

Hen Party Prices at Studio or Hall:

90 minutes

Up to 12 hens  £240

Up to 24 hens  £300

Up to 35 hens  £360

2 hrs: 

Up to 12 hens  £280

Up to 24 hens  £380

Up to 35 hens  £450 

Hen party group prices, we can do a bespoke price for hen group numbers which fall just outside the brackets, just let us know!

Bride goes free, special offer for this year!

Hen / Stag Dance Parties


Learn a dance routine to your favourite song taught by one of our fantastic dance teachers for your hen or stag party!

Step 3: Reserve your Hen Party Dance Lesson date by visiting our booking page.

Lots of fun to be had

We offer fantastic dance classes for hen parties nationally across the UK, just grab your friends and join in the fun! It’s the best hen party idea as you can choose from around 28 themes or even choose your own song and it gets everyone laughing and chatting. The bride may have done dance classes as a child and you want her to relive her youth or it may be an activity to choose to get the party started and break the ice.  There are so many themes to choose from including beyonce, spice girls, thriller, greatest showman, abba and more! But, if you want to try something bespoke, just let us know and we will choreograph something to that! Our teachers just love dancing and teaching and are so passionate about offering great hen dance parties that you won’t be disappointed, just check out our 5 star reviews! 

What to wear

Make sure you either wear something comfortable such as gym kit, or if you want to, why not dress up in fancy dress! If you are learning the Charleston, get some flapper outfits or a union jack skirt for a spice girls hen dance party.

You will start with a warm up to a song of your choice to make sure you are limbered up and then you will go onto learning the routine. Any age can join in, you will be sure to have lots of giggles especially when the final performance comes around. Get the phones ready to take lots of photos and videos.

Available across the UK

Our hen party dance classes are available nationwide, just look on the map to check. We don’t just go to city locations but also village and country locations too with no extra cost. You will be sure to get a high quality hen dance party with us as all our teachers are vetted to make sure they deliver the best! Best of all, they are fun, friendly, experienced and will make you feel at ease. You will have the best hen party ever!

Our most popular themes:


A 90s hen party reminds everyone of the old school classics when we were all growing up. Choose anything from Spice Girls to Sclub 7, they are so much fun and will make the bride feel nostalgic and happy about the next chapter of her life.


Any fans of Michael Jackson will love a thriller hen dance party.  You will learn all the moves from the video and even some moon walking if the bride is up for it. Why not perform it at the wedding and get those zombie costumes out.


Some of us still remember the 80s! What’s not to love with its crazy fashion and music. Madonna, Footloose, Fame, Cyndi Lauper and more. Get those perms back and some neon colours on and you will be sure to have a laugh learning a great routine with some 80s fitness video moves thrown in maybe!


Single Ladies, Run The World and Crazy In Love are the most popular songs used at our Beyonce theme hen dance parties. Feel as strong and as awesome as Beyonce is and get ready to party afterwards. Our Beyonce hen parties will certainly get you in the mood for a Queen B night out. You could even get everyone a ‘Bey’ face to wear as some of our hen parties have done. Our Beyonce hen dance parties are popular ones so get in touch with us to book yours!


Some people may think this a bit of a nude dance, but don’t worry, its more about the tease than the strip! It’s a bit cheeky, don’t get me wrong but everyone will have such a laugh at our Burlesque dance parties. Any why not perform at the wedding? You may even pick up a little admirer or two! Your confidence will soar after a Burlesque dance party, you will be amazed.


Bollywood dance parties are a bit different as you will learn a new style which incorporates some Indian moves with western commercial dance and some Bhangra. Get cultural and learn something new today. Bring a scarf with you to help with those intricate hand gestures and pick up some fun footwork too.


You and your hen party will soon be dancing queens with our ABBA themed 70s dance class! Dance, Jive and have the time of your life with this ultimate fun theme and don’t forget some flares and a 70s hair flick! You don’t need to be ABBA fans for this one, it’s a nice fun and easy one that everyone can enjoy.

Vintage Charleston

Vintage style weddings are becoming more popular nowadays so why not tie this in with a Charleston hen dance party! Be prepared for some energetic moves with arms and legs swinging here there and everywhere but you will have so much fun. Why not get everyone a flapper dress and have some 1920s afternoon tea prepared for afterwards.

Street Dance

Does the bride-to-be and the hen group fancy themselves as the next Diversity? Look no further and book one of our Street Dance hen parties. You could star in the next music video on MTV, you never know! Learn some urban and commercial street dance moves from all the latest artists and why not add a dance battle half way through to add a little competition. You may even crack out the routine at the wedding reception if the song comes on (or you secretly request it).

Entrance Dances

We also do wedding entrance dances if you wanted to perform a little dance down the aisle for example! If there is a group of you (bridal party). This is charged at the same rate as a Hen Party.

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