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2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee
2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee

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The thing is when you are organising a hen party, the likelihood is half of your guests won’t know each other and you need to find a fun event that breaks the ice and avoids that tumbleweed moment of awkwardness.

Hen parties are becoming ever more increasingly popular, and it’s not like it used to be. No longer a few glasses of bubbles on a Friday evening and more hen weekends away or even abroad.

Hen parties don’t have to be full on fun the whole weekend but a good chunk of that should be a variety of activities that entertain you all.

Trying to find something to suit everyone can be a little bit tricky. Grandma, mum, grooms mum and even friends from different social groups. We all have those different social groups, friends from university, mums from school, work colleagues, it isn’t easy trying to get everyone together.

I’ve come up with a few ideas that should help in the preparation and organisation of your hen party. Making that process a little easier and hopefully more fun in the end.

1. Decide who you would like to invite and to what event

Some brides recently have been having two hen parties, one aboard and then a UK one. Grab your best friends and head on a sunny holiday followed by a UK afternoon and evening with the rest of your friends and female family members. Get some cool invites drawn up or asked a creative best friend to get this sorted for you. Surprise the girls with your invites, post them or present them in fun special ways. A friend of mine sent me a basket full of goodies as we live miles apart. Inside the basket was a bottle of bubbles and some items that reminded us of our childhood. Underneath all the goodies was a heartfelt letter asking me to be her bridesmaid and to be her number one on her hen do. Personalise your letter or invite to each individual asking them to take on a role throughout the hen party. Draft in as many of the girls as you can so you have the maximum amount of fun.

2. Plan what you are doing and when

Plan a few activities but also factor in some down time in there, time for a few drinks or an afternoon tea. All steps first dance offers the most amazing dance parties. Our experienced teacher will come to a venue of your choice and teach you a full routine to any theme you like. Dirty Dancing, Fame, 70’s, 80’s 90’s, Burlesque, Charleston, Disney themed or absolutely anything you like. What could be more fun or an ice breaker for that matter than a really fun energetic dance routine, all dressed up, a few glasses of prosecco and your friends giggling together. We all have that one friend who makes the party even more special with their lack of co-ordination. Dance parties will most certainly break the ice and continue the momentum of your organised hen. It could also be a new skill for most attending. Mainly its just pure fun and giggles with your friends!

If dancing isn’t really your thing then we can offer pamper parties. Organise a big night out with all of your friends and we can do the hard work of hair, make up and nails. Massages and manicures all before you head out into town.

It doesn’t have to be set in stone but make a small list of activities and rough time guides. Get a friend to look after this and roughly keep to the schedule throughout the day. This will minimise the awkward hanging around moment or moments when no one really wants to make a decision on what to do next and you end up doing absolutely nothing. Start with a few afternoon drinks, followed by one of our dance parties then follow that up with some down time pampering and later a full evening of fun with the girls.

Every hen do and bride is different so just judge by the groups likes and dislikes. Tailor it around older relatives or younger girls, daughters in the group so everyone can enjoy some part of it. Include everyone. Maybe try some survival bags, basically adult party bags for everyone with a little added touch of personalisation inside. Maybe some hangover cures for the younger more party animals in the group or and eye mask and bath oils for the older ones to relax after your hen party. You can do these quite cheaply if you are on a budget, check out amazon or pinterest for ideas.

3. Add in some games and props

Check online for a few fun hen party game ideas, and most importantly grab yourselves some props for fancy dress. Stags are the only ones who dress up their groom. Many hen parties recently have chosen to do the same with the bride, all be it in a slightly more sophisticated manor than a mankini! Have you seen the matching swimsuits or full 80’s costumes? What about the spice girls? I recently saw a whole group of Mario’s and Luigi’s on a hen night out. Whatever your thing just go for it. Check out hen props on amazon there are some great ideas, including balloons, bunting for decoration or the standard inflatable penis and willy straws. Just have fun with it and laugh. You could create your own photo booth too, evidence that will last a lifetime and constantly be pulled out at any group gathering.

4. Have fun and relax

Let someone else carry the schedule, let someone else book events and gather props etc. Let the bride relax and have the maximum amount of fun. Enjoy your time together and take as many photos as you can. Try not to worry about what everyone else and focus on having the time of your life.