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2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee
2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee

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07724 240244

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If you are one of those girls like me, your best friend will be a guy. A best friend from childhood or a very special cousin or even just a guy who is one of the girls. Although not very traditional, wouldn’t it be amazing to involve your best guy friend in to the wedding completely.

If you are like me, you value the opinion of him, you enjoy his company and have just as much fun with him as you do the girls. Involving him could make your special day even more special and fun. So out the door with tradition.

You will have all heard of a maid of honour. It’s your maid of honour’s job to make sure you get there in one piece, that you are happy and everything is going to plan. A maid of honour is someone you trust the most to keep everything in check whilst you enjoy your special day. Your maid of honour is usually your best friend, so why not have a Man of honour. A Man of honour is usually referred to as a ‘Bridesman’ although with tradition changing as the years go by its now become more popular to integrate your male best friend.

A few things to consider if you are looking to have a Man of honour:

  • Make him feel as comfortable as you can, involve him as much as he wants to be involved without stepping on anyone’s toes. Some guys might find it a little awkward taking on the role of Man of honour but also want to be there for you. Find him a job to do, whether it is for you or the rest of the bridesmaids. He could help alongside the best man and groom. Let him help with emails and organisation of your hen party or simply taking notes and messages for you from florists or cake decorators.
  • Listen to your man of honour. Even when it comes to trying on your dress, ask his opinion. A male point of view should always be welcome, of course alongside your bridesmaids. He may be able to give you a little more insight into decorations or table settings. Sometimes a fresh set of neutral eyes are best.
  • Where to place him when you are walking down the aisle? Try out a few different orders. Maybe try letting him walk down first, followed by your bridesmaids, or have him walk with one of the other bridesmaids or to help with younger children,flower girls. Where ever you place him make sure he feels special and it shows how much you value your friendship.
  • Consider your groom and his best man. Try to incorporate the two. One way of doing this is have him dress in a similar suit to your groom and best man. You could always add an extra special button hole or pocket swatch to match the rest of your bridesmaids. Just make sure your photographer knows he is part of your group rather than the groom’s best men and ushers.
  • You could however go all out and have something cool like fedora hats or sunglasses for all of the bridesmaids and man of honour. Whatever you all feel comfortable doing and wearing. Its 2019 so pretty much anything goes at a wedding now, as long as you are all happy. It’s all about showing how much you care and value your man of honour. Gender isn’t really an issue or anything to consider now, its all about being surrounded by the people you love and trust the most. The people who are always there for you and support you as much as you do them.
  • You could also ask your man of honour to make a small speech during the toasts. It was traditionally the maid of honours job to stand and thank everyone for coming but why not mix this up a little with an almost best man/ come man of honour speech. A fun light hearted speech, thank you’s and also some funny stories about your friendship. Im sure you will have lots of funny childhood memories or experiences that you have shared to touch upon. Maybe some embarrassing funny ones that you have yet to let your groom and other friends in on. You man of honour will surely be loaded with fun stories of booze fueled nights out or epic dance floor fails. Grab some photos of you all as a group, including the groom and his best man to pop up at the reception.

Weddings do not have to be traditional, it’s all about being happy and if that means with your male best friend by your side then so shall it be.