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2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee
2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee

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As time passes, we can clearly see that the spotlight on the wedding doesn’t shine only on the bride when it comes to wedding looks. In the past couple of years, grooms and groomsmen are expected to look exceptionally dapper on this big day. All steps first dance have checked out the newest trends and some returning ones for your grooms.

1. Dress to Impress

Now grooms you want to take note of these important tips and ideas. Think about what you want to look like at your wedding, always remember to stick to the general idea of the wedding though, I mean do you want to have it a modern way or a vintage style? Check with your bride the overall theme of the wedding and ask her for some suggestions. Let’s face it us women sometimes have that little added extra spark when it comes to accessories or button holes but you guys have got it spot on with your suits. The three-piece suit is definitely back in fashion this year and for a good few years to follow. These three- piece suits are set to be sharper than ever. Grooms should wear an impeccably tailored and flawlessly fitted design that is supposed to work perfectly for an exceptional ceremony. As formalities end and the party starts, the jacket can be removed and the shirt sleeves pushed up for a more cool, confident and relaxed look. If your wedding is a slightly more vintage feel then opt for the tweed three- piece, roll up the sleeves and add some tan brogues. Make your mark with some show stopping shoes. 

2. Get Creative

Grooms are getting more involved in the creation of their wedding in 2022 and this starts right with the invitations. Have a say in how they are made and sent out. Again, us girls do it great when considering how to hand out the important invites to our bridesmaids but you guys can get it right buy considering how they are made, are you going to hand write each one to your groomsmen with an added special note attached. What about getting creative about what outdoor games you could have at your wedding venue. Grooms are equally spreading the jobs for weddings in 2022, which is great! gone are the days the girls get left to book everything. You grooms are great at contributing and often getting things into perspective when us girls often get lost in the magic. 

3. Stag Do Experiences

Gone are the days of one drunken evening in town and hello to weekends away with the lads. Yes they may still be boozy but right on trend now is an activity weekend away with your best friends. Booking a cottage or manor house in the Cotswold’s, booking onto a clay pigeon shooting session, horse riding, bike rides, hikes and sporting events like football and NFL are very popular right now. There is still plenty of time to relax in a hot tub or head out into town for some dressing up fun but the main ideas in 2022 are most definitely experiences. Why not try a driving experience, go karting, tank driving or paddle boarding sessions? All steps first dance have recently attending a few stag do’s to teach the lads a dance routine. Ok so it wasn’t to dirty dancing or spice girls but it was much more epic than that, the Hakka. You guys could learn a sporting dance or have a complete 90’s mash up dance off. 

4. First Dance

The first dance is extremely important to a bride and often the most nerve-wracking experience for the groom, however right on trend now is learning a full routine to a special song, with some lifts, turns and even a group dance towards the end. Our experienced dance teachers will come to teach you and your beautiful bride an amazing dance to completely wow your guests. We recently attended a group wedding dance in which the bridesmaids learnt party of a dance with the bride and the groomsmen and groom learnt another part, they then had an epic dance off and left the rest of the guests laughing and chatting about the wedding for a long time after.

 The main focus of groom trends for 2022 has most definitely been on attire and we can all see the great efforts that have been put in, from hair styles to suits, from shoes to beards we all appreciate the extra effort. It’s been a long time coming but it’s great to see that the focus is equally on the bride a groom, and this definitely leads to the most spectacular wedding photographs.