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2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee
2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee

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With the big day all booked and only the finer details left to plan why not add on some dance lessons for that all-important Father-Daughter dance. Traditionally father daughter dances were actually danced first before the groom. The aim being the father gets to dance with his daughter ‘one last time’ before he hands her over to the groom, however more recently it’s the groom who gets to dance with his new bride first.

Ever increasingly popular are Father Daughter dances. Whilst you are marrying the person of your dreams and joining a new member to the family, it is also very important to so many to show your love and affection to the man who will give you away. Celebrating everything your father has done for you, all those times he encouraged you and supported you, loved you even when you hit those tricky teenage years. The perfect way to say thank you to him and show him how much he means to you with a special unique wedding dance.

The right package for you

All steps first dance offer four different packages ranging from 3hrs to 7hrs. One of our experienced dance teachers will come to a venue of your choice, whether this is your local village hall, sports studio or even the wedding venue or even more special to your home to teach you as much of a routine as you would like. Some prefer a full routine whilst others just want to be able to look a little more special than the normal swaying from side to side. We tailor our packages to you and dad. Whatever you go for, it’s sure to be one of the biggest highlights of your wedding.

The perfect song

A father daughter relationship is so unique, nothing comes close to the bond you have with your father. When it comes to your father daughter dance it is extremely important to find that special song to dance to. I have made a list of song choices that should show off that all important moment with dad.

  1. When you need me- Bruce Springsteen, the main theme of this song being he will always be beside you whenever you need him.
  2. Gracie- Ben Folds, Ben describes his love for his daughter ‘ And you will always have a part of me’ being one of the best lyrics.
  3. My Darling- Wilco, a sweet little rock ballad all about family.
  4. Daughters- John Mayer, Slight blues influence, captivates the importance of the relationship.
  5. My Girl- Temptations, an absolute classic upbeat father daughter dance. You could even invite others to join half way through.
  6. Kind and Generous- Natalie Merchant, Another happy upbeat song for the rest of your guests to join in, ‘ I want to thank you, for your generosity, the love and honesty, that you gave me’
  7. Isn’t she lovely- Stevie Wonder, This song is simply beautiful happy and a stunning tribute to a wonderful daughter.
  8. Stand by me- Ben E King, ‘ No I won’t be afraid as long as you stand by me’ Classic and more of a slower dance but meaningful all the same.
  9. I loved her first- Heartland, this song was actually written by a father to her new husband,’ when she first smiled at me I knew the love of a father runs deep’ Stunning lyrics.
  10. My little girl- Tim Mcgraw, Tim shares his own experiences with his daughter in this beautiful song. ‘ chase your dreams’

Whatever your choice, be it fun and upbeat or slightly more traditional, it will surely give everyone something to talk about for years to come. It will give you and dad those all-important memories that will last a lifetime. We all wish we could have our parents forever so taking advantage of these special moments are ideal.