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2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee
2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee

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Most brides want a fairytale wedding, that magic and wonder of a the most special day of your life. When I say fairytale, I mean literally a fairytale wedding. How do you create the ultimate magical day? Have a look through our tips and tricks to help you create that fairytale day that you have always dreamed of having. There are lots of fun elements you can use to create your own fairytale and some you can even recreate yourselves on a small budget.

1. Fairytale wedding cakes

The wedding cake is one of the funniest ways for you to creating a fairytale day. Glam up your ceremony by having a fairytale wedding cake made specifically how you would like it. You can go with the traditional castle cake with ivory icing or you can choose something a little more elaborate, like a 5 tier Princess style dress cake. Pinterest have some amazing ideas and images for you to look through, you can then add on elements of you that make it completely unique. You could add on some glitter for that added sparkly wow factor, or if glitter isn’t your thing you could add on some lace and delicately piped icing. Take inspiration from your favourite princess, mine being sleeping beauty.

2. Fairytale lanterns

Create your own fairytale-esque lanterns by using mason jars and tea light candles. These are beautiful for ceremonies that take place at dusk and create a warm, soothing and magical glow. They’re easy and inexpensive to create. If you want to give them a frosted look, you can purchase inexpensive frost spray paint and give the jars a quick once over. You can get everything you need online from amazon or even pop over to the range if you wanted to see the jars before buying. You could create that magical firefly look very easily and they are very effective.

3. Signs

You could take inspiration from your favourite fairytale and create some loving signs to add to your wedding decor. Using words like’ once upon a time’ and ‘ happily ever after’ will give you that true magical fairytale feel to your day.

4. Enchant your guests

Completely enchant your guests with a beautifully choreographed first dance. Our experienced dance teachers can come to a venue of your choice to teach you that all important first dance. You could choose some music from a princess film or something completely different. Our team are experienced and have your happiness in the forefront of their minds when creating a magical routine for you to perform for all of your loved ones. Let us create something romantic, magical and spectacular, something that you will remember forever. Add a stunning princess style dress into this and you will simply be floating across the dance floor and wowing every one of your guests.

5. Princess style dress

Yes, you could go all out and buy a real princess dress, Disney have their own range of stunning wedding gowns each from films such as Cinderella, Snow White and many many more. They are spectacular and have hints of each princess’s different personality in them. If Disney princess dresses aren’t your thing you could go for a gown that has a large skirt to it for some beautiful swishing and to create that floating on air look. You really could create that floating moment by walking down the aisle on a bed of pink and white rose petals. Don’t forget your prince charming, a traditional suit and cute traditional rose button holes would really give you that fairytale feel.

6. Decor ideas

Create the most magical day but using lots of flowers, sparkles to glam up that venue, you could use lace and diamonds. Setting out lots of rose petals is a sure way to start the magic and line your chairs with traditional white lace and pink ribbons. You could ask your venue to set up a secret hidden garden covered in peonies or roses to add that wow factor to your photographs. Involve your little princesses and prince’s too. Allow them to take a bigger part of your day and dress them in cute princess- esque dresses and flowers in their hair. Let your little prince walk you to the top of the isle. You could complete your princess looks with tiaras and add little gems to the table decorations. Name your tables after princesses or something that reminds you of a fairytale told to you as a child

Take yourself back to childhood and the magic and complete wonder that fairytales created in your mind. Take inspiration from your favourite book or film and have the most special wonderous day you deserve.