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2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee
2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee

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Last year I attended a wedding for New Year’s Eve and it got me thinking about how wonderful a Christmas wedding may be and all of the different interesting ideas and themes you could add to this.

Christmas is always a very special time and the build up to it is probably the most exciting part of the year but combine that with a wedding and what have you got? The most special, fabulous, magical moment in your lives. Gone are the days when you need to get married in the height of summer and endure increased costs for possibly a sunny day, which will never be guaranteed. Gone are those traditions and opening up is a whole new world of weddings. Weddings in Spring and Autumn are equally as exciting but can you imagine a winter Christmas wedding.

All steps first dance have come up with some beautiful ideas for your winter day which we hope will help to convince you that Christmas is the time to get married.

1. Venue research.

Check out as many local venues as you can and see if they will accommodate a Christmas wedding. Now this doesn’t have to be on Christmas day or even in the same week but it could come during that time in which we never know what day of the week it is. That week between Christmas and New year where we are all in a lull and confused with times, days and generally eating our own body weight in mince pies. Check out the difference in cost during this time and I bet you will save compared to a summer wedding. As your venue about different foods they have on offer during the Christmas time. Do you want to keep it traditional with a Christmas dinner or mix it up a little with a hog roast. The choice is entirely up to you!

2. Choose a theme.

Yes, it is Christmas and you will be keen to have that as the main focus of your theme but consider decorations, flowers, table decorations and accessories. As it is naturally colder over winter you could add on one of those super soft snuggly shrugs to your dress during photos and take it off whilst dancing. Consider colours. You could keep it traditional again with reds and greens or a complete white snowy wedding. Imagine beautiful white roses, snow drops and feathers in your bouquet. Christmas wreaths as table decorations and do not forget the all-important mistletoe. You could set up a photo booth covering in mistletoe to encourage your guests to show the love. Twinkly fairy lights and lanterns will bring a warm atmosphere and a lovely glow to your wedding day.

3. Consider children.

Finding childcare over the Christmas period may be a little difficult so you may wish to consider whether you would like to have children at your wedding. You could always use our wedding child care package to entertain those little ones so all of your family are able to attend. Weddings are a time to celebrate the love between two people but Christmas is a time to celebrate everyone. To come together and share some wonderful memories. Consider adding a spare chair for anyone who is missing this year, although it may be your wedding it is also everyone else’s Christmas too and some may struggle with the loss of a loved one, which you could include with a simple spare chair for them. You could add in some special Christmas gifts for the children to open whilst there or even have santa arrive- we all know a few adults who would join in too.

4. Keep it simple.

It doesn’t have to be an extravagant celebration but do try to factor in all of those amazing magical touches of Christmas. Mini presents as your favours or rattan reindeers and Christmas bells. Do not forget the all-important Christmas trees. You can create the most memorable and beautiful of trees with simple decorations, handmade items and twinkling lights. You could get your guests to each write on a decoration and get them to hang it to the tree instead of having a guest book. Use little wooden and rustic items, branches if you are going for a rustic, boho feel to your day. Get everyone involved. Check with your band if they could also play some Christmas songs during their set, this will surely bring out the whole Christmas vibe.

Whatever your ideas are, Christmas is truly a magical time to get married. A celebration of two people who are in love and a joyous celebration of Christmas, spending time together as a family and combining two very special occasions. Your guests will by far never forget your wedding anniversary, that’s for sure.