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2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee
2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee

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07724 240244

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Elegant history, beautiful architecture and rolling countryside makes England a highly sought-after location for romantic, picture-perfect weddings. For a quintessentially English wedding, there are lots of counties that are the perfect choice for your big day, from London to the edge of the stunning Cotswold’s.

Whether you’re looking for a princess style palace or a converted rustic barn, our counties have everything you could wish for. A quintessentially English wedding wouldn’t be English without a hint of the great British weather, an us brits cope with it best. An English wedding wouldn’t be the same without a spot of rain or some cloud shapes to make you laugh.

All steps first dance have a few tips, tricks and ideas to help you create that magical English wedding that you have always dreamed of.


1. Theme

Take inspiration from your venue choice or the surrounding countryside in order to choose your theme. Venues such as Pauntley in Oxfordshire has a wonderful orange colour to it so choosing a coral, orange theme would really suit. Choosing colours and flowers to fit side by side the venue is very important for creating that quintessentially English feel. Take a look at the surrounding laws and gardens and take flower ideas from local wild flowers that are already well established. Traditional elegant English roses, babies breath and wild flowers would really set the scene.

2. Embrace the Weather.

Weather is one thing we brits always love to talk about, the start of a conversation with a stranger, oh how cold is it today, or it is raining cats and dogs today, we love to talk about it and often we love the weather too. Treat your guests to a traditional English treat by giving out soft white or lace umbrellas just in case the heavens decide to open up. Do not let the weather put a dampener on your special day, embrace it. You could use umbrellas for the rain, or cozy soft blankets for a chillier Autumnal wedding or even some beautiful coats for a truly white winter wedding.

3. Consider the Festival Vibe.

Festivals are very much English and we all love them. Consider having a festival vibe for your wedding. You could do this by using a large converted barn or hosting your wedding in an array of marquees, with hay bales for seats, lace lined tables, English roses or wild field flowers. You could set up your band on a small stage and have them play all your favourite festival songs, dance barefoot in the grass with flowers in your hair. Keep decor simple with fairy lights and quirky bottles and jam jars with scented candles. Keep it natural with natural colours such as greens, sage, greys and whites.

4. Food.

What could be more traditionally English than an all-out afternoon tea. You could incorporate this into your wedding with ease. Traditional scones, clotted cream and jams are the perfect added extra to your champagne break after the ceremony. English teas and coffee and lots of traditional cucumber sandwiches are also a fab nod to the quintessentially English feel. You could also source some locally made champagnes. I’ve recently tried a beautifully stunning English sparkling wine, so not quite a champagne (from the champagne region) but non the less special. It was beautifully made and tasted exquisite, all made locally in Dorset. You could also check out your local farm shops or ask your venue if they can source their food locally. Locally brewed beers and ales and plenty of up and coming local gins. You could also ask your friends and family to help make your cake or cupcakes, in keeping with your theme.

5. Venue.

Check out our Wedding Venues here at All steps first dance for the most magical venues throughout the country. We have every angle covered from a rustic barn in the Cotswold’s to a country manor or castle in the North West. Take a trip and visit venues that take your interest and really get to know them, feel the vibes and atmospheres they give off and I guarantee that the right venue will call out to you, when you know you know right? It’s the same with your wedding venue, let the venue choose you. Of course you will already have an idea if you are looking to get married like a princess in your own castle or keeping it a little more back to nature with a rustic converted barn but taking a look around them will really help you make your mind up on ‘ the one’. A friend of mine recently got married in a small local church in which her grandparents, parents and all of her sisters had been married. She chose this as a nod to the history behind the church and also that wonderful connection of having the whole family married their previously. It was a magical moment and really symbolised the solidarity of family and the importance of the coming together.

6. Have Fun.

Us brits really do know how to party, and party hard. Have fun, it’s the biggest day of your life so celebrate in style. Keep it traditional and local to home as much as you can. Do your research on flowers that are in season at the time or bubbly from the local winery. A classic British trait and something we all love is to get together, so put aside those doubts or maybe’s and invite everyone to help celebrate your special day.