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2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee
2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee

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The joy of Spring is upon us and to help you plan your special day, we at All steps first dance have come up with a few beautiful ways to help you create a day to remember, surrounded by the beauty of Spring.

For me, Spring is the start of something, the early blooms, small buds and green grasses outside but is also the perfect time in my mind to get married. I love the thoughts of a spring wedding, the start of a magical new adventure that you both get to grow with. It symbolises new beginnings and that strong sense of growth leading through the year, just like your relationship growing from your wedding day into the perfect partnership (even when he leaves the seat up)

So, to get you thinking all things spring for your wedding check out some of our favourite ideas and tips, feel free to steal as many as you like!

1. Flowers

Spring instantly brings to mind flowers and traditionally florists would suggest peonies, pale pinks and blues however you want to avoid your wedding looking like an adult sized Easter party. Lighter colors are absolutely the way to go for a Spring wedding, but the answer isn’t just pink and blue. There are plenty of color combinations available so you don’t have to feel restricted to pastels. Why not try out pinks and grey or pale yellows and daisy’s, whites and pale purples work so well together and you can then work with your bridesmaids to incorporate these colours into their dress and the button holes. Try using a floral touch at each table place, give your guests a touch of Spring when they sit down to your reception by placing a flower either on the napkin and menu or charger plate.

2. Flower girl power.

If you have a beautiful little flower girl or two, you could look out for a flower girl dress with a floral pattern or one that can be accessorized with a floral belt. No matter what your colors are, the flower girl wardrobe doesn’t necessarily follow a set of rules and doesn’t have to match everyone else in the wedding party. Don’t be afraid to use a bright pink or purple rose as an accent, even if your colors are white and green. Imagine flowers entwined in their silky hair and wraps on their wrists. The children will love this and it isnt just limited to the flower girls either. Get the boys involved too, my son recently carried a small tree for a woodland wedding and it was a great idea to get the boys helping out and involved in the smaller delicate things.

3. Flower crowns.

Ok so this is one of my favourite things about a spring wedding and I hope you can see why. Flower crowns are insanely popular right now and the options are completely unique and endless. Your florist can create this Spring look for your flower girls, which is always something little girls are excited to wear, but don’t forget about you as a bride! Yes, you can wear a flower crown too, so many brides are now choosing a beautiful real flower crown instead of traditional tiaras. I know this would be my choice, they create that natural earthly feel and give you that real sense of being a natural beauty instead of heavily made up in glitter and sparkles. However, if sparkles are you thing then just add a few diamantes to the crown to make it your own. The give that real boho, vintage theme that is right on trend this year. You can go as big and bold as you like or opt for something a little more subtle with daisy’s, ribbons and lace, or lush green foliage if you are going for a more demur colour palette.

4. Take it outside.

Would it truly be a spring wedding if you didn’t head on outside with your wedding party? If you’re not in an area where it “looks” like Spring outside, consider adding touches of flowers. Think beyond the ceremony arch and put flowers on banisters and railings. Summer weddings can still have a spring vibe, even if the flowering plants have all turned green. Work with your designer to create a Spring vibe, even if it’s just your ceremony being held outside. If you ARE planning to have most of your wedding outside, it’s always important to have a Plan B. Your venues can normally offer alternatives for rooms and space but for me, being in love with spring and everything English then why not just embrace it and go for some fun umbrellas, or white laced ones for the bridal party. For how to prepare for bad weather on your wedding day speak with your venue they may even offer a beautiful boho style marquee or yurt.

5. Bright Colors.

Remember earlier when I said you don’t have to make your wedding look like an Easter egg hunt to get the Spring look? While I’m not going to tell you to use bold colors like emerald green or marsala red, you can and should use bright colors like pinks and yellows. They are simply stunning together and the mix between bright yellow and purple is outstanding. Spring is all about new life and new beauty, and sometimes nothing is more beautiful than a bouquet of bright flowers. If you’re worried about the colors being too intense, you can tone it down be using paler colors as well like green foliage.

6. Lace Dresses are a must!

I know there are plenty of brides who just aren’t into this one because you hate lace or it just isn’t your thing, but hear me out with this one. The reason lace is a staple in weddings is because it’s classic and versatile. For some reason, most brides hear the word “lace” and think of their grandma tablecloths. Meanwhile, lace, when done right, gives a soft and romantic look that is perfect for a Spring wedding. Check out some stunning vintage vibe lace dresses in a modern wedding dress shop and I guarantee you will be on the lace train before I finish this blog!

7. Cakes covered in Flowers.

Yes, we are back to talking flowers again but I am a huge fan of real flowers instead of sugary ones on cakes, but for Spring weddings, this is a must. They are completely stunning and really do set off a well-made simple white or naked cake. There are plenty of ways to add flowers to your wedding cake, making this Spring idea the most versatile on the list. Whether you want to cover the cake in a cascade of roses or simply add a few flowers here and there it really is up to you and either way you cannot go wrong with beautiful fragrant fresh flowers. Try to keep your cake flowers in keeping with your decorations and bouquet. Again, you can go pale or opt for some sunshine yellow sunflowers and cornflower blue tiny buds. Your florist and cake maker should be able to point you in the right direct of edible flowers like violas if you wanted to make the most of them.

Spring to me just takes me back to nature and all things earthy and newly grown. Take a romantic walk, picnic and a camera with your partner to be and take in the great outside. Walk through the forest and smell the lavender in the air or note the stunning sun warming on the bright yellow daffodils. Take inspiration from nature and embrace the great British weather if you must. Spring really is a magical, beautiful time to get married, new beginnings and endless possibilities for adventure.